Kasseler KunstVereinsHeim - Program August - Norbert Klassen

Saturday, August 4, 2007, 8 p.m.

Norbert Klassen (CH)

"The Art of Making Art"



The grand seigneur of the Swiss performance scene, Norbert Klassen, has developed a very special “home” evening for his visitors based on his 40-year experience in performances. Klassen will present new and newly structured performance pieces such as “My Personal Cage” as well as classics such as “My Favourite Performance Life”, “By Doing Nothing Everything Gets Done” or “For the Birds”. In the Kunstvereinsheim he will show the performance "The Art of Making Art".

Norbert Klassen, born in Duisburg/Germany in 1941, attended the Westphalian School of Acting. Besides teaching acting and performance at the School for Experimental Design in Zurich he has organized different performance festivals, for example BONE in Bern. He is one of the founders of the performance group “Black Market International”. Norbert Klassen lives and works in Bern/Switzerland.

Curator: Jürgen O. Olbrich


Norbert Klassen, "The Art of Making Art", Performance, Kasseler Kunstvereinsheim, 2007, Fotos: Stefan Daub
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